One history, a thousand inspiring stories.


Every guide has their story involving a ditzy question or comment a tourists told or asked during a trip. They aren’t that common, and that’s why we remember the one thing so well. Maria Delia Cárdenas has that story of the lady that was sitting at a dock on the beach with her feet dangling in the water, and turned to ask her “at what elevation are we?”… Anyhow, my such story is quite fun. We used to have a tour called “Photo Safari” in the Amazon Basin. I had to meet two people who had booked the said tour and took them to their respective hotels. Upon explaining the logistics, pick-up times, information such as weather, what to bring, and letting him in on the itinerary, I asked if he had any questions. He did. He said he understood everything, but he wanted to know at what moment would he be seeing the first lions, elephants and giraffes! He wasn’t joking… so I had to disappoint him. Perhaps that’s why we don’t offer the tour anymore… it was an unfortunate name!

Contest Invitation
We will be running lots of contests to celebrate our 60th anniversary throughout the coming months. How about a 60-second video contest? A 600-word blog competition? Or a 60-character tweet contest on Twitter?! That’s all in the pipeline, and there will be our usual amazing prizes...