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From a very young age, in the company of the few brothers that, at the time, made up the Proaño Salvador ‘conglomerate’, we spent our holidays at a very nice, small hotel, the 'Golden Falcon', in Pompano Beach, Florida. The beach was almost deserted, and the hosts eagerly wait for ‘The Proanos’ at the entrance. We had the entire sea to ourselves upon opening our bedroom doors. We spent many happy summers there.

My father was still young. He had just started his new company and one morning I remember him, quite vividly, standing on that beach, looking around and saying, “Someday, this is going to be filled with tourists and hotels”, and I suppose that at that moment he was also thinking of Ecuador, imagining tourists and hotels. After our time at the beach, he’d ask us: “Who's coming with me?” And of course, the four older brothers, would get ready to go with him. With his suitcase full of slides and a projector, he’d knock on the doors of colleges and universities, and present himself: "May I talk to you about my country?" Everyone, young children, older children, teachers… would listen, look and learn about the wonders of our volcanoes, markets, folklore, the Amazonian jungle and the Galápagos Islands...

Contest Invitation
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