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Due to the never-ending energy Eduardo had and my inability to follow him, I called our visit to agents and tour operators through the United States in a matter of days, "the death march." I vividly remember one day in particular, when Eduardo flew very early to Kansas City. I left Dallas before dawn and met him in Kansas City, where we had breakfast at the airport with Gaylen Koons, VP at Maupitour, one of our most important clients. Before noon we flew to Chicago where we had lunch with Marie-Pierre Griffin of Travelplans International. After lunch, we took a flight to Los Angeles, where we arrived in time to dine with the sales team at Ecuatoriana de Aviación. Eduardo travelled in first class, but I had to travel in economy!

Contest Invitation
We will be running lots of contests to celebrate our 60th anniversary throughout the coming months. How about a 60-second video contest? A 600-word blog competition? Or a 60-character tweet contest on Twitter?! That’s all in the pipeline, and there will be our usual amazing prizes...