One history, a thousand inspiring stories.


Hacienda La Avelina became one of the important destinations during our first years promoting mainland Ecuador. I had asked my brother Carlos, who rented the property from the Plaza Lasso family, to adapt the site for guests to stretch their legs, use the bathroom or relax, on our way south. Carlos did what I asked him, but we expanded rapidly and created an entire programme to cater incoming tourists at the hacienda. When Intrav included Ecuador in their programme, the visit to La Avelina became one of the main attractions. Guests enjoyed traditional Ecuadorian food, music and folkloric dance. We also organized a bullfighting “probe”, and some even entered the ring... professional bullfighters gave a few lessons and would take care that no one got hurt. Sometimes, in these events, real bullfighters like Armando Conde, one of the best in the country, would join us and this fascinated visitors. The bullring was built by us (as well as El Chozón, a thatched-roof, large and comfortable restaurant with capacity for 200 people, who without fail, would be served the unforgettable hacienda potato soup, Rosario-style). My brother did the impossible to get cattle suitable for the show. Heifers and calves were small, but could be feisty. On one occasion, one of them rolled me to the ground. A few days later I had to travel to Boston for a check-up. The doctor who examined me was surprised I had bruises all over my body and asked me where I got them. So I told him of the incident and the doctor seemed astounded. He called in nurses and other staff members to come and meet the "real bullfighter"!

Contest Invitation
We will be running lots of contests to celebrate our 60th anniversary throughout the coming months. How about a 60-second video contest? A 600-word blog competition? Or a 60-character tweet contest on Twitter?! That’s all in the pipeline, and there will be our usual amazing prizes...