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Everyone has their Galápagos moment. And mine I owe to Metropolitan Touring.  Of course, those fortunate enough to work in the Enchanted Isles like me are eternally grateful for the opportunity. So let me tell you my unforgettable experience, aboard the Santa Cruz. Of course, everyday we’d wake up to new surprises, but on 12th January 2011, something that filled my heart with joy and marvel happened, an experience that will last forever. We had reached Bucaneer’s Cove, which was not on our regular itinerary. We usually went to Rábida, but the Park had closed the island, and authorized the change of plans. When we got to our destination a most amazing sight awaited. Twenty… forty… perhaps fifty… perhaps even one hundred… (my guess would be that much)… Sperm Whales were swimming in the sea as we arrived. Everywhere we looked, these enormous, beautiful 20-metre-long sea monsters were breaching from the water. Pilar and Lupe Proaño, who have been in Galápagos for so many years, the guides and crew – everyone – was absolutely flabbergasted, and agreed that the magnitude of the experience was something that nobody had witnessed before. The captain then authorized us to lower the dinghies.  We were “going in”! And came closer still to this awesome festival of nature, a spectacle that lasted for an entire hour! And we couldn’t get enough of it!

Contest Invitation
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